Campaign for Change

Strategic Plan

We envision a just, equal and enabling society where the rights of Intersex people are accepted, ensured and realized and where intersex people are safe, treated with respect and dignity and have access to essential services, resources and opportunities and live a life free from stigma and discrimination.

We are committed to build a strong and resilient intersex community through creating systemic changes to end stigmatization and discrimination so that the human rights and bodily autonomy of intersex people are respected. We will dedicate our efforts to shift the prevalent focus of pathologizing and unnecessary „sex normalizing‟ surgeries to acceptance for intersex people.

Improve the well-being, safety and health of Intersex people and promote acceptance, equality and access to services, resources and opportunities.

Core Values
1. Committed leadership/ Expertise
(We are intersex people fighting to establish the rights of intersex people therefore we are committed to our cause. We have expertise to establish the activism and commitment and leadership to steer forward the activism)

2. Adaptability/ Strategic
(We are a grass root organization but we are updated on the emerging issues and we align our actions and interventions as per the need and we adapt to changes. We are flexible to new idea)

3. Transparent
(We want to be transparent in our dealings. We want to do our work with honesty inorder to promote trust)

4. Diversity and Intersectionality
(We respect and welcome diversity. We understand the interconnected nature of social categorization such as class, gender, race as they apply to a given individual or group, regarded as creating overlapping and interdependent systems of discrimination or disadvantage)

5. Cooperation and collaboration
(We are an emerging organization established to address the needs of the intersex community and we realize the need to strengthen partnership and work in collaboration to give visibility to our issue and raise awareness)

6. Effective Communication
(We believe in simple, accurate, and clear communication. We encourage the open exchange of ideas and information)

7. Trust
(We want to nature and develop trust within the community and the team, as well as among our stakeholders and partners)

To achieve the CFC vision of success, the following five priorities- the objectives will guide the development of key strategies and actions that will steer the organization in the future

1.Reduce stigma and discrimination associated with being intersex and foster increasing understanding of intersex people through education, information, visibility, research (resources) and awareness
2.Advocate and lobby for equality and rights of intersex people
3.Engage to empower, capacitate, provide education and skill support to members of Intersex community and their family members
4.Network, engage and partner with other organization to work and collaborate in common areas
5.Organizational strengthening and development

Long term Objective

  1. Establish a safe space for intersex people
    (The intersex people are driven out of their home and left to fend for themselves. In order to build a strong intersex community there is a need to establish a safe space, a shelter that will provide intersex people safety and security. The much-needed psychological interventions can also be assessed through this space and capacity enhancement along with education needs can be met through a shelter service. The goal of a holistic development of intersex community can be ensured through the various facilities that a safe house/ shelter can provide)

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